Something about me


I'm twoexem.

If you landed on this website, you probably already know me. If not, well, there's not really much to say about me. I'm a German guy with southern-European roots interested mostly in technical things such as computers and vintage and modern audio and video equipment like analog photo cameras, camcorders, CRT televisions, microphones, mixing consoles. I have some practical experience with the latter since I work as a stage technician and video streaming engineer, meaning I'm just the guy who gets to set up and control cameras, computers used for streaming and microphones during concerts. At home, I have a rather large collection of both vintage and retro technical equipment. To improve my knowledge with electronic circuits, I recently set up a tinkering workbench where I can play around with all sorts of things. Apart from doing exactly that in my free time, I like to take photos on my analog film cameras or shoot videos with my camcorders. I also experiment a lot with computers and like to disassemble them to learn more about their inner workings. If you're interested in technical details about the hard- and software running on this server, check this page out.

Also, just so you know, I won't collect any personal info from visitors and don't use any kind of external resources, cookies or analytics engine on this server.

See ya!